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Utilizing Environics Analytics Research, we provide proprietary market research reports for you to plan your next strategy. This information will give your business or destination a strategic advantage for you to understand your target markets, their demographics, traditional and social media habits and where they are located by EQ type, right down to the postal code level.


PRIZM5 classifies Canada’s neighbourhoods into 68 unique lifestyle clusters, integrating geographic, demographic and psychographic data. Each segment has its own unique profile, which captures Canadian demographics, lifestyles, consumer behaviour, and settlement patterns in Canada. The use of this tool is has the potential to provide a granular view of geographic markets and the distribution of lifestyle or activity-based segments.

PRIZM5 incorporates the latest, authoritative data from a range of demographic, marketing and media sources — including primary research surveys, and provides an in-depth analysis at the postal code level. The postal code is fundamental to the use of PRIZM5 and the program adds significant value to the EQ segmentation tool. Check out your own postal code in the system!

Each PRIZM5 Cluster has been mapped to one of the nine Destination Canada Explorer Quotient© EQ Profiles. We provide 8 pages per report of key insights into the travel motivations, interests, activities, traditional media and social media use of these types by BC and/or Alberta markets. Ontario and US markets are now available

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Provincial/State Market Reports

  • Free Spirits

  • Authentic Experiencers

  • Rejuvenators

  • Cultural Explorers

  • Cultural History Buffs

  • Personal History Explorers

  • No Hassle Travellers

  • Gentle Explorers

  • Virtual Travellers


Geo-Profile Market Reports

Available by top Markets (Cities) in Canada and the United States

Geo-Profile Reports can be customized based on your target marketing needs anywhere within Canada and the United States.

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Sector Reports BC

Special Interest Sector Reports can help target your market based on activities and interests. Each Sector Report is customized based off of: Demographics, Psychographics, Life Stages, Family Segments and many more: Examples of Special Interest Sector Reports Include:

  • Car Touring

  • Consumer Shows

  • Golf

  • Motorcycle

  • Ski (Cross Country/Downhill)

  • Snowboarding

  • Spa

  • Sporting Events

  • Culinary

  • Cycle

  • Hike

  • Festivals and Events

  • Culture

  • ATV/Snowmobiling

  • Camping/RV

  • Canoeing/Kayaking

Custom Profiles Available, choose from over 5,000 variables.


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