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The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association offers custom research services based on Visitor and Market data utilizing information provided by TELUS Insights, Environics Analytics and Destination Canada's Explorer Quotient (EQ Program). Research can be customized for communities, businesses, events, visitor centres and more. Fees Apply.


Explorer Quotient

Explorer Quotient, also known as EQ, was developed by Destination Canada in partnership with Environics Research Group. It is a proprietary market segmentation system based on the science of psychographics.

EQ goes beyond traditional market research of defining people. It looks deeper at individuals’ personal beliefs, social values and views of the world to learn exactly why different types of travellers seek out entirely different travel experiences.

Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics is one of North America’s leading data, analytics and marketing services companies.

ENVISION5 provides insights into more than 30,000 variables including demographics, consumer preferences, lifestyles and values.

Environics Analytics Research provides a deeper understanding of customers and markets through geographic analysis and customized segmentation.

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TELUS Insights

TELUS Insights collects de-identified and aggregated data off of cellular network towers throughout the Thompson Okanagan to deliver insightful information on regional tourists. Each tower is oriented to a specific region in order to determine where the visitors are within the area. This data allows us to identify where visitors are from as well as mass movement patterns and trends throughout the year, allowing strategic decisions to be made with the use of real-world facts.

digital campaigns


As part of TOTA’s new research program we offer digital campaign services in partnership with War Room who will execute and report on programmatic campaigns using the Environics Analytics targeted marketing resources to hyper-target in markets throughout the US and Canada.


research opportunities


The TOTA Community Research Program provides Regional District Level visitor counts benchmarked against the Thompson Okanagan Region as a whole. TOTA continues to invest in Environics Analytics data which can be customized to create visitor profiles using the TELUS Insights data for our Community Research Program. The combination of these two sources of data provide unprecedented visitor insights to our region.

Contact us for more information on how we can provide market profiles for Canada and the US.

Want to know more about your existing customers? We can profile them using your postal codes.

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